AGENDA. International Seminar on Online Higher Education: 20th October


OBS Business School is organizing the 2nd International Seminar on Online Higher Education, with the objective of continuing the discussion on online learning and brainstorming new online higher education projects. We will exchange views with institutions from different countries, discuss best practices, start collaborations and develop quality standards to be considered in the online higher education sector.

DAY 2.

Learning analytics: The possibility of quality control evolution to guarantee student success.

8 am: Mario Herane, Executive Director of eMayor at University Mayor, Chile.

Review of processes that make the concept of quality tangible: Time management in the classroom, handing over documents, appropriate evaluation of the subject according to the student’s profile and a lecturer’s personal guidance. Analysis of how online training tools aid monitoring and guaranteeing an institution’s overall quality (performance, satisfaction and recommendation).

8:45 am: Work groups:

- Learning analytics, concept and realities. - Documentation and welcome. - Monitoring and evaluation of progress. - Orientation and motivation for success.

10:00 am: Coffee Break.

10:15 am: Sharing conclusions.

11:00 am: General conclusions of the two work days.

Global Higher Education in Management 2015: Presentation of the first results report of the International Observatory on Online Higher Education in Management. Review of different perspectives, practices, needs and trends.

12 noon: Eulalia Torras, PhD in Information and Knowledge Society. Main Researcher of the International Observatory on Online Higher Education in Management.

1:30 pm: End of Seminar.


See you next year!