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Conociendo a Gour Saraff


¡Hoy te presentamos a Gour Saraff! Es profesor en OBS Business School cursando el Máster en Internacional Business y el Máster en Project Management en inglés.

obs community Gour Saraff


 · Your nickname:

Keshav given by my mom.

· A website:


· A song:

All of Bollywood music.

 · A place to live:


 · The person you admire most:

Gandhi for his practicality and idealism: “Be the change that you want the world to be.”.

 · A passion:

Teaching, hiking and travel (and entrepreneurship)

 · A vice:

Spanish wine.

 · Your greatest achievement:

Global entrepreneur starting businesses in 6 countries and 3 continents.

 · And the greatest fear?

Sustainability of resources for our planet.

 · Do you have any secret virtue?

Like to practice what I preach.

 · What would you take to a desert island?

Great memories. Everything else would be useless!

 · What could we find in your fridge?

Cava, kefir and antioxidant foods.

 · What has been your greatest folly in life?

Fighting with the Ukrainian mafia.

· The happiest day of your life:

Everyday, life is precious.

 · And the most difficult?

Reasoning with the Indian bureaucracy.

 · ¿What was the last time you blushing?

I am not sure what you mean!!

 · What superpower you wish you had?

To get everybody a dignified job.

 · What are the words you use most?

Please and thank you.

 · What is the first thing you think when you wake up?

I am the biggest mistery out there.

 · Any fixation before you go to sleep?

The sun will come out tomorrow.

 · If after death you can return to Earth, in what person or thing you would reincarnate?

A hedoinist.

 · What you won’t forgive?


 · Your best lesson:

First you earn then you spend.

· A navigator:

Google chrome.

 · ¿PC or Mac?

PC, not an apple guy.

· What can we find in your browser favorites?

Places that I dream to see.


 Si tú también quieres participar, ¡envíanos un correo electrónico a comunicacion@onlinebschool.com!