Masters and Postgraduates in
Systems and Operations Management

Masters and Postgraduates in Systems and Operations

In the area of master’s degrees specialising in Systems and Operations Management, at OBS Business School we offer training programmes in the types of operations that respond to business challenges today, strengthening managers' skills.


  • Master’s Degree in Project Management: Online master’s degree in the effective management of complex projects. We train executives so they acquire the tools and practices required for managing complex projects, which is crucial for success in the current climate. Moreover, it is designed to prepare the executives participating in the programme for the Project Management Institute (PMI) test so they can obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. This program is also offered in Spanish and Bilingual: Master en Project Management.


  • The Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics provides the essentials for leading the transformation of traditional business models by directly focusing on efficiently managing the supply chain. To talk about logistics and supply chains today requires talking about global organisations, change management, adjustment to and anticipation of technological advances, the possibilities and necessities of relationships and operations, all within an international context. Supply chains require efficient and optimal management, as they have become an essential tool for all the companies from the sector for maintaining and increasing their competitiveness in the markets in which they operate. 


  • The Master's Degree in Project Management with OBS and titling professional program at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana through Continous Education incorporates the latest knowledge and obligations of the global standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI), preparing professionals focused on the management and management of programs and / or international projects.


  • The Master’s Degree in Operations Management provides students with a comprehensive view of processes and the supply chain so that they can create an operations strategy, while also allowing them to develop their competencies and skills and to acquire knowledge that is in line with the new challenges that the globalised world demands of new executives. The Master’s Degree in Operations Management has emerged as a result of this paradigm shift. The significant global transformations that are currently affecting the world, cause supply chains, which are becoming more and more global, to play a key role in the competitiveness of companies, and are considered as an essential element for enabling companies to set themselves apart from their competitors. Supply chains are no longer a cost centre in the business world, now they have become a driving force that allows companies to generate competitive advantages by adding value to them, expediting their adjustment to the changes in the environment and to innovation.


  • In the Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence we focus on the importance of business intelligence processes to successful decision-making through integration and technology, with particular emphasis on the development of analytical skills that are applied to General Management.



  • One of the main pillars of the Master’s Degree in Systems Management offered by OBS Business School is the management of new information technologies (management of ICTs) by considering technological innovation and its effects on the improvement of the productivity and competitiveness of companies.



  • The Master's Degree in Production Direction and Industrial Processes is particularly focused on planning resources, defining a good industrial organisation strategy and the innovation of product and productive processes. The programme offers a wide range of pedagogic proposals, such as Webinars with Danone, Grupo Irizar, Dorje Dondrup, etc. Moreover, it adds a DISC Module on the Development of the most important Competencies in this area of knowledge.


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