Masters and Postgraduates in
Marketing and Communication

Masters and Postgraduates in Marketing and Communication

In the area of master’s degrees specialising in marketing, at OBS Business School we offer training programmes in the types of marketing that is required to help your business to grow. You will learn about the necessary actions and keys to reaching the consumer, with the ultimate goal always being to make sales.


The current business context is rapidly changing. The impact of technological advances, the globalisation of markets, the change in the balance of power in favour of consumers, the competitive environment and the gradual decrease of brand loyalty, among other trends, are changing marketing strategies and the way in which products and services are distributed and marketed. Consumers are more and more demanding and they have more information at their disposal, so they are very sure of what they want and where to get it from.

The excess of offers and the challenge of standing out define this highly competitive scenario and increase the need to focus on the customer.

In this context, organisations need professionals who specialise in marketing and sales and are capable of successfully leading the right combination of three elements: solid training and knowledge in marketing and sales, the skills required to respond to the current market and environment, and the ability to connect with customers and build an efficient sales network structure.

With the goal of strengthening the marketing training of top professionals, we offer some of the best online master’s degrees in marketing and digital commerce that are available in the market.

  • The Master’s Degree in Marketing and Sales Management focuses on orienting a whole company towards its customers for the purpose of attracting, satisfying, selling and building loyalty with them. This programme is one of the most highly rated by professionals and executives in the sector and has been ranked as the best Spanish- speaking online programme in marketing by the Ibero-American Ranking for Training in Spanish.


  • On the Master’s Degree in Neuromarketing and Market Research you will learn to develop and manage information, to conduct research in order to understand, and to understand in order to satisfy. You will learn the techniques for gathering and analysing marketing information so that you can identify and persuade market segments.


  • The Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce offers a contemporary view of how the marketing department of a company needs to be run by capitalising on the infinite possibilities that the internet and digital commerce provide. This programme is updated constantly and is designed to enable you to control the latest trends related to the e-commerce business model, a sector that is becoming increasingly important in the global economy and has grown continually over the past few years.


  • The Master's Degree in Corporate Communications Management provides the keys to align the communications of a business with its strategy. This programme has been defined to allow you to strengthen your skills and knowledge when it comes to developing your professional career and working in public relations and corporate communication departments. As a student, your skills will be reinforced in line with the current trends of the demands of the global professional market and the requirements demanded by the main companies looking for communication experts.