Masters and Postgraduates in
Human Resources

Masters and Postgraduates in Human Resources

In the area of Master’s Degrees specialising in Human Resources, at OBS Business School we develop online programmes in human resources, talent retention, recruitment and leadership.

Currently, the Management of Human Resources faces many challenges and needs to adjust to constant changes in the environment. Therefore, as Human Resources Directors we need to be able to lead a department that is interlinked with all the business activities of the company while designing strategies and policies for managing individuals aligned with the strategic view of the company.

In order to show different perspectives and offer an overview that responds to the needs and challenges of the market, we offer one of the best online master’s degrees in Human Resources Management

  • During the OBS Business School’s Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, students will be trained so that they can become human resources directors who are able to detect talent within the organisation, recruit new employees to join the company and, above all, apply the best retention policies to preserve said talent.


  • With the OBS Master's Degree in Executive Coaching and Leadership you will acquire and develop the latest techniques in business coaching that will allow you to get closer to achieving your goals while you grow personally and professionally. In the business world of the 21st century, this methodology is very helpful and, by changing our perspective, it helps us to improve the way in which we communicate and interact with others, allowing us to achieve our business goals. Beyond the personal sphere, coaching is becoming increasingly relevant in the professional environment, and particularly so in business management. This online Master’s Degree in Executive Coaching and Leadership adheres to the philosophy and rules of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).