Masters and Postgraduates in
Business Law

Masters and Postgraduates in Business Law

In the area of Master’s degrees specialising in business law, we offer programmes that provide a global vision of legal systems and international contracts.

Nowadays, many business projects require a legal advisor who knows how business and public international law work globally, and who can provide the guidance and appropriate solutions that such a multi-disciplinary environment requires.

With the aim of providing an efficient response to the needs that the globalisation of the economic and business context has brought about for business and corporate law, we provide one of the best online master’s degrees in International Business Law.

During the OBS Business School’s Master’s Degree in International Business Law, students will complete their training with optional courses on how law firms operate in different countries and cultural environments, how to develop business projects in each of the five continents, or by acquiring more in-depth knowledge about different legal systems.


The Master’s Degree in Intellectual and Industrial Property provides the keys to managing patents for innovations in products and services from various business sectors. This programme offers students a practical view of the main legal, economic and technical aspects that affect companies and organisations that operate in markets or sectors that are closely related to the issues arising from Intellectual and Industrial Property.