Master in
Marketing and Sales Management

Marketing and Sales Management

Online Master’s Degree that explains the keys to attracting, selling, satisfying and building loyalty with customers

Introduction to the Master’s Degree in Marketing and Sales Management

In today’s world, the context of business is rapidly changing. The impact of technological advancements, the globalisation of markets, the change in the power scale in favour of consumers, the competitive environment and the decreasing loyalty to brands, among other trends, are modifying the marketing strategies and the way in which products and services are distributed and marketed. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and they have more information at their disposal, so they have a very clear idea of what they want and where to get it from.

The excess of offers and the difficulty of setting yourself apart define an extremely competitive landscape and increase the need to focus on the customer.

In this environment, organisations need marketing and sales management professionals who can successfully lead them using a combination of three elements: solid marketing and commercial training and knowledge, the required skills to respond to the current environment and market, and the ability to engage with customers and build an effective sales network.

This Master’s Degree in Marketing and Sales Management teached in Spanish will allow you to further develop your technical and strategic knowledge and the personal skills required to become an innovative executive, with a broad business vision and the skills to face the challenges posed by today’s Marketing and Sales management.


Career prospects

  • Marketing Management
  • Head of Product
  • Marketing Research Manager
  • Trade Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Category Manager
  • Sales Management
  • Export Director
  • National Sales Director
  • Head of Sales
  • Key Account Manager
  • Expansion Director
  • Regional Director

Aims of the Master’s Degree

  • Adapting a company to the needs of the market and the customer.
  • Integrating the vision and general goals of a company into its Marketing policies and strategies
  • Defining market research methods, using the most appropriate source of information and analysing the results in accordance with the commercial policies and strategies of the companies
  • Planning and managing the Marketing and Commercial activity of the company
  • Organising and managing Sales Teams
  • Developing executive skills that will allow you to create and manage sales teams that will add value to the organisation
  • Developing a standard Marketing and Commercial Plan and applying it to the general context of a company.


Syllabus of the Master’s Degree in Marketing and Sales

The teaching programme unfolds over twelve months, starting in May or November each year, and is comprised of a ten-module structure that correspond to each subject, plus a Business Game and a Final Project that is worked on throughout the year.

New Competitive Environment

You will see how technological innovation affects the competitive environment of organisations and the impact they have on the economy. You will carry out an analysis of the environment, view technology and sociology as drivers for change and look closely at digital society, the society of knowledge.  


Marketing Management

> Marketing intelligence and consumer 2.0

In order to identify business opportunities, we need reliable information that will allow us to reduce uncertainties and will help us make the best decisions for our business. With this purpose in mind, you will learn about the market research process, the keys and techniques for qualitative and quantitative research, as well as sales forecast models.

> Strategic marketing: analysis and formulation

You will learn to find, formulate and cover the current and future needs of your customers, while also identifying the opportunities that the market presents.

> Operational marketing: mix and tools

The aim of operational marketing is to carry out the strategies that are defined in the various action plans. In this module you will learn about commercial policies, mix marketing, the keys to Trade Marketing, how to follow up and monitor marketing actions and the main marketing strategies.

> Digital marketing

The new digital ecosystem requires a specific set of actions that are essential for carrying out successful marketing activities. To adapt yourself to this new competitive environment, you will learn about the new strategies that are required and the appropriate marketing actions, while also acquiring comprehensive knowledge of the new digital communication and sales platforms.


Sales Management

> Sales Negotiation Techniques

You will look at negotiation as a tool to influence and solve conflicts from the standpoint of a mix of personal skills and knowledge about your interlocutor and the product or service provided. 

> Key Account Management

You will study the branch of marketing that focuses on the management of the business’ most important accounts – Key Account Management. You will learn about the role of the Key Account Manager, how to build lasting relationships with your customers, strategies for all types of customers and the negotiation of large accounts.

> Management of the sales network

Often, the sales force is the visible face of the company and the main point of contact with the majority of customers, so it is very important to be careful about the way they are managed and their training and motivation. You will learn everything related to the management of a sales team.


Cross-Disciplinary Modules: Financial and budgetary management. Marketing and Sales

The Marketing and Commercial department works as an income centre whose ultimate goal is to generate sales. To this end, both the management and monitoring of budgets, alongside a thorough knowledge of the key variables of a profit and loss account are extremely important in order to reach the goals set by the department. 


Marketing Plan and Commercial Action

You will be developing your Marketing and Commercial Action Plan throughout the duration of the programme, with supervision from our experts. 

Working from the current situation of the company, the corresponding analyses are carried out and the most fitting strategies are defined with the aim of achieving the goals of the business.

The Final Project will be performed in teams of a maximum of three or four people, which will give you the opportunity to integrate and apply the knowledge you have acquired about appropriate workload distribution, delegation and assuming responsibilities.  


Additional Activities

  • Activities, conferences and networking

Over the course of the Programme, a series of Webconferences and Webinars will be organised with executives and experts from leading companies and organisations, which will go in-depth into current affairs, trends and innovation, as well as professional recruitment and development.

The goal of these activities is to bring the participants closer to the reality of the business world by analysing management success cases, furthering their knowledge about their environment and, above all, promoting the networking of the programme among participants, teaching staff and professionals from the sector.

Requirements of the Master in Marketing and Sales

The main aim of our admissions process is to ensure that the candidates are suited to the course. All students must be able to take full advantage of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop lasting connections with fellow students, teachers and the alumni.

The stages of the admissions process are as follows:

1. Prerequisites for admission

2. Application

3. Personal interview

4. Cover letter

5. Admissions Committee Evaluations

6. Enrolment


Master's Degree in Marketing and Sales Management Certificate

The people who pass the programme evaluation and comply with the academic requirements, established by the University of Barcelona (UB), will receive a UB qualification.

In order to obtain a UB qualification, you need to have a University Degree (Engineer’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree over four years or Bachelor’s Degree over three years). If you do not have a University Degree, once you have passed all the evaluations you will receive an extension diploma from UB.

Programme Director Master in Marketing and Sales Management

  • Consultant/Project Director at SMÄLL
  • Associate Partner at TOTAL BRAND LOVERS
  • Graduated from the UAB


Nacho Somalo

  • Founder at Lonesome Digital
  • European Market President at
  • Executive MBA from IE
  • PhD in Applied Economics e-Commerce from Rey Juan Carlos University
  • Graduated in General Economics from Complutense University of Madrid

Alberto Alcalde

  • Independent trainer and consultant in the field of marketing, communication, branding and sales
  • Promoter, strategist and manager at the freelance community, EFECTO ANCHOA
  • Currently studying for his PhD
  • Head of marketing and sales at various national and international companies

Gemma Segura

  • Consultant, trainer and coach
  • Mindfulness Trainer
  • Member of the Executive Board of the Relational Institute Master in Marketing and Communication Management (UOC)
  • Master in Organizational Development and Change Management
  • Institute for Organizational Development GR (Israel)
  • Degree in Humanities (UOC).

Rafael Hurtado

  • Investment Director of Allianz Popular (Allianz Group).
  • PhD in Economics from the San Pablo University-CEU.
  • Member of the investment committee of Popular Banca Privada and the high-income committee of Banco Popular.
  • Associate professor at IE Business School and CUNEF
  • Bachelor of Business Administration and Management
  • EMBA by IESE Business School. 

Mario V. Gonzalez

  • Visiting Professor of Marketing at Trinity University
  • Master’s Degree in Statistics from W. P. Carey School of Business
  • PhD in Applied Economics from University of Alcalá

Joan Roca

  • Freelance Consultant in Strategic Marketing, Branding and Communication
  • Diploma in Market Research from AEDEMO / ESOMAR
  • Graduate in Psychology, Organisational Psychology from University of Barcelona

Miriam Fisas

  • Partner at Cataliza in the Canary Islands
  • Coach, trainer and speaker in the areas of personal growth and development of management skills
  • Executive and Team Coach, ICF-Certified Coach in Lanzarote
  • Master’s Degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Miguel Charneco Garrido

  • Lecturer for the Organisation of a Sales Network
  • Executive Member Eurocham Vietnam
  • Human Resources and Commercial Organisation Director at PIAGGIO GROUP. Member of the Steering Committee
  • Graduate in Law, Diploma in Labour Relations from Complutense University of Madrid.

Miquel Campmany

  • Consumer Communication Head at Nestlé España.
  • Before that he was Managing Director of Gray Trace
  • Founder of Brand Insight, a consultancy dedicated to developing branding and communication strategies.
  • Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and Law from the UAB

Susana Cabada

  • Chief Operating Officer at
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication Management from the UOC
  • Graduate in Psychology of Work and Organisations from Complutense University of Madrid

Jorge Tuñón

  • Managing Partner at Ephemeral Life
  • EMBA by ESIC: Business and Marketing School
  • Degree of Business Management and Marketin, by ESIC: Business and Marketing School
  • Dedication60 ECTS
  • InitiationFebruary 2019
  • Term10 months
  • Price6.500 €
  • MethodologyOnline
  • LanguageSpanish