Master in
Digital Business and Business Development

Digital Business

Online master’s degree covering internet business and new business models

Presentation of the Master’s Degree in Digital Business and Business Development

For several years we have been witnessing the transition from an analogue society to a new digital society (new technologies, business models, ways of organising and communicating, etc.), and the disruptive changes this implies to the way we do business and structure workloads.

As a consequence of this, profound changes have been experienced by the majority of economic sectors; new companies have appeared with new corporate cultures that have shaken up the pre-existing status quo in many economic sectors, leading to new and completely different configurations.

We are living in an era of change characterised by a surrounding complexity, ambiguity, volatility and pace. Society is demanding more transparency and integrity in how we communicate with each other and, at the same time, we are experiencing an exponential growth in information (external, unstructured, open and in real time) that needs to be managed in order to make decisions. New technologic tools have arisen that you will study in this Master’s Degree in Digital Business Management which will allow you to manage a company more efficiently. This is a challenging environment that demands new capabilities, professional and personal competencies, all of which you will assimilate during this programme.

Therefore, the Master’s Degree in Business Development OBS, teached in Spanish, is focused on the key aspects for successfully facing this new environment, both from a technical and human perspective. A necessity for current digital professionals and entrepreneurs.

Career Prospects of the Master in Digital Business

  • Technology and services Sector
  • Multinational companies
  • Innovative companies
  • Digital Business
  • Media companies and advertising
  • Consulting firms
  • SMEs


Aims of the Master’s Degree

  • Understanding the benefits and promoting the necessary changes to improve the management and administration of companies, based on orienting towards the digital environment strategy
  • Implementing and following digitalisation strategies for a business, making the right decisions to reach the forecasted objectives
  • Realising a Development Plan for a digital business
  • The capabilities and skills that you will develop in this master’s degree are as follows: Controlling the different strategies for decision-making, increasing the accuracy in your analytical and synthesising capacity in order to identify, in a systematic and realistic way, the factors that create difficulties and opportunities in digital environment and improving the communication and team building capacity that will allow you to lead processes of change

Syllabus of the Master’s Degree in Digital Business

The programme is divided into 10 modules plus a cross-disciplinary final project.

Digital Economy and the Knowledge Society

The economy’s globalisation, the growing dissemination of information and communication technologies, and the changes in global demands are creating disruptive changes in all economic, social and business sectors.

In this unit you will be introduced to the new economic paradigms and will gain an understanding of what constitutes the engines of change that facilitated the changing of era that we are experiencing today. Through understanding the major technological changes you will learn how to face the challenges that arise from this change, as well as the digital and the knowledge society. Nowadays we must be more responsive to the new needs of customers, which is why you will be covering *Learn & Agile Management* (innovation and development in management).


Innovative Business Models

Business models are one of the areas that are experiencing the greatest innovations due to technological advances. New business models promoted by new companies are changing the way we compete in many sectors.

In this unit you will learn about the links between the business model and corporate strategy and applied innovation. Similarly, you will put into practice an analysis and construction of business model tools, because it is important to see the business model as a creative source of competitive advantages.


Marketing on Search Engines

Search engines are the first port of call for most internet users.  They are one of the main tools of an inbound marketing strategy, and it is therefore crucial to understand how they work and the ways to achieve the best positioning in their rankings. It is a case of global management depending on the campaign, the product to position, the conversion objectives and the procedures of the competitors, plus a dynamic factor which is the search algorithm of the search engines. It is certainly an art.

You will primarily be dealing with the current state of search engines, exploring the philosophy and utility of SEO, technical SEO, programming, why is it important and its consequences. You will learn how to use Google AdWords, its tools and resources, and you will gain an understanding of the philosophy and utility of SEM, which complements SEO. You will understand how to choose KWs and the differences when selecting SEO KWs, and how to draft effective and appealing advertisements and generate CTR impact.


Digital Marketing Techniques

You will familiarise yourself with the main tools that will allow you to successfully implement our digital policies and strategies for interacting with our consumers. Though these tools, and their derivative processes, you will gain insight into the day-to-day lives of your clients and consumers which will allow you to understand exactly what they want and what they expect from you; you will get to know their real experiences and, therefore, try to bring about their satisfaction.


Digital Communication and Online Reputation

You will learn how to introduce new online communication channels and platforms (forums, social networks, etc.) into a corporate communication plan and you will deal with identity, reputation and branding in a digital environment.



You will be introduced to the basic concepts of the electronic environment to get a general idea of the main elements any professional needs to know, and command, in order to be a confident member of this field who is capable of identifying key success factors according to the specific conditions of each business.


Mobile Ecosystem

This unit will introduce you to the main actors in the mobile ecosystem and the main technologies in the sector so you can assess the different possibilities they offer and decide whether to use them or not in future mobile marketing projects. This unit will also present the main elements that can be used in mobile marketing by reviewing the most useful technologies and functionalities of mobile devices; it will be concluded with an analysis of a success stories such as Angry Birds.


Analytics and Metrics

One of the great advantages of online marketing compared to offline marketing is the ability to measure in real time the behaviour of users and, therefore, to quickly and efficiently know the effectiveness of a campaign. Among others, we will show you how to use the Google Analytics tool in depth.


21st Century Professional Competencies

We live in a digital, global and hyperconnected world, characterised by the constant and rapid change in which new organisations, new employees, new customers, new professions, new companies, new processes and even new business models are being redefined

In this new environment, we must be more competent in order to be more competitive. Therefore, in this unit you will be learning about new skills, but above all, you will learn about new attitudes.

The digital competencies unit works on 4 concepts, into which we must integrate these new skills, new knowledge, new tools and, above all, as we have already mentioned, a new attitude, in order to adapt ourselves to this new reality and become competent professionals.


The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit is found, nowadays, in the DNA of any company that is eager to grow, spread out and expand. Great companies have developed expensive programmes related to innovation for the purpose of awakening, from among their employees, the hidden entrepreneurs that will help them to leave their comfort zone and take off.

In this unit you will find out what it means to be an entrepreneur, the ideal profiles and the necessary skills that must be developed. You will also acquire the Learn concept and agile methodologies for improvement (Project Management for Startups). Similarly, you will learn about business sources and models (_Elevator Pitch_).


Master’s Degree Final Project

This programme will end with a Final Project where you will apply all the knowledge acquired during the year. For this project, you can choose to create a development proposal for new products or services, develop an improvement for corporate processes or define new business models.


Other Activities:

  • Webconferences

In addition to the thematic units in the structure of the master’s degree, there is also a Cycle of Webconferences, occurring on a monthly basis, in which renowned companies from the technological sector and digital economy will participate. As a student, you can make the most of this experience by using the virtual campus in a synchronistic way, in which live dialogue will be possible with the invited speaker.

Some companies that have taken part in our Cycle of Webconferences are: Privalia — flash sales —, PopPlaces — rental platform for spaces aimed at events —, or ByHour — rental of rooms per hour —, among others.

  • Entrepreneur Prize

At OBS Business School we engage with our students so that they can bring their ideas to life and so that their projects do not end with producing a final business plan. We provide support and promote the final projects of the Master’s Degree in Corporate Innovation Management, the Master’s Degree in Digital Business Management and the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce with the OBS initiative Entrepreneur Prize worth 3,000 Euros. A jury made up of lecturers from different areas of knowledge at OBS, assesses and selects the best final project from among all those presented by students of these three programmes. Keep in mind that the biggest failure is not trying.

Requirements of the Master’s Degree in Digital Business

The main aim of our admissions process is to ensure that the candidates are suited to the course. All students must be able to take full advantage of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop lasting connections with fellow students, teachers and the alumni.

The stages of the admissions process are as follows:

1. Prerequisites for admission

2. Application

3. Personal interview

4. Cover letter

5. Admissions Committee Evaluations

6. Enrolment


Master’s Degree in Digital Business & Business Development Certificate

The people who pass the programme evaluation and comply with the academic requirements, established by the University of Barcelona (UB), will receive a UB qualification.

In order to obtain a UB qualification, you need to have a University Degree (Engineer’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree over four years or Bachelor’s Degree over three years). If you do not have a University Degree, once you have passed all the evaluations you will receive an extension diploma from UB.

Programme Director Master in Digital Business and Business Development

  • Digital Transition Consultant and Trainer in digital skills
  • MBA from IESE
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management from UB


Diego Díaz

  • Head of Recruitment at Telefónica I+D
  • Engineer of Telecommunications from the University of the Basque Country

Xavier Olivares

  • Innovation Consultant & Trainer
  • MBA, EADA Business School
  • Industrial Designer, ELISAVA

Manuel López Paya

  • General Director of Systems – CIO at MásMóvil Group
  • Ibercom at MásMóvil

Susana Cabada

  • Chief Operating Officer at
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication Management from the UOC
  • Graduate in Psychology of Work and Organisations from Complutense University of Madrid

Gian Lluís Ribechini

  • Founder of
  • Industrial Engineer by  ETSEIB-UPC

Genoveva Purita

  • Director of Strategic Positioning at CEO SOLUTIONS
  • 2.0 Advisor for companies and professionals from the industrial, financial, retail and service sector
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Business Administration from ESEM

Juan Manuel Agudo Carrizo

Paula Kvedaras

  • PMP & ACP – PMI. 

  • Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer. Scrum Inc. USA.
  • Certified Scrum Master & Certified Scrum Professional. Scrum Alliance. USA.
  • Coach. Scrum Inc. USA.
  • Project Management Master. UNIR. Spain.
  • Postgraduate in Project Management. Belgrado University. Argentina.
  • Postgraduate Project Management and Products Agile Methodologies. ITBA. Argentina.
  • Founding Partner, Consulting BK®. Uruguay/Argentina.
  • Degree in Psychology. UBA. Buenos Aires University. Argentina.

David Ciudad

  • Chief Executive Officer, Desafía lo Imposible
  • International MBA, EAE Business School
  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, URV
  • Dedication60 ECTS
  • InitiationMay 2019
  • Term10 months
  • Price6.500 €
  • MethodologyOnline
  • LanguageSpanish