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Strategic Sales Management

Commercial Sales Management

Online Master that teaches commercial sales management

Commercial activity is begun in the Neolithic because of farming activities. From that moment until now, commercial role has been gaining importance progressively. All companies, independently from their size has nowadays a commercial department, whose main goal is selling. Despite the evolution of that activity from its birth is really visible, in the last 10 years the emergence of new technologies and the consequent changes in the buying patterns have forced commercial departments to reconsider their sales strategy, focusing not only in the quantity but in the sales quality, that is to say, not in the final economic value but in the commercialisation process.

In this context, the Master in Commercial Sales Management of OBS Business School has the main objective of giving an answer to the training necessities of these professionals who want to be part of the Commercial Sales Management Department of a company, professionals who want to understand the process that is lurked behind this job and know the interrelationships between the commercial department and other company departments, such as finances or marketing. For that, the programme broaches two key subjects: the commercial department and his functioning and the interdepartmental interrelationships between the commercial departments and other company departments. 


Career prospects of this Commercial Sales Management Master

  • Commercial Director

  • Sales Director

  • Key Account Manager

  • Direct Marketing Responsible


Objectives of this Commercial Sales Management Master

  • Investigating the market, preventing the evolution of its and anticipating the necessary steps for being adapted to the new tendencies.   

  • Designing the training, incentives and remuneration programmes.

  • Making plans and short-medium term actions for achieving the company goals, designing the necessary strategies and supervising its application.

  • Fixing the prices policy, sales conditions and distribution channels.

  • Collaborating with marketing, production and logistic directors in decisions making.

  • Planning and managing promotion, sales and products or services distribution of the company policies.

  • Evaluating the performance of the sales network.

  • Being responsible of the negotiation and monitoring of big accounts.

  • Financial controlling from the commercial area.


Syllabus of Commercial Sales Management Master

The structure and duration of the Commercial Sales Management Master let us guaranteeing the achievement of the previously specified goals. Next, you will find more details about the modules in which the programme and its content is divided:



Content Block 1: The commercial department

  1. Commercial and sales management
  2. Teams and leadership management
  3. Distribution channels management
  4. Key account management
  5. Commercial strategic frame


Content Block 2: Interdepartmental relationships

  1. Economic-Financial management from a commercial perspective
  2. Marketing introduction
  3. Marketing intelligence
  4. Consumer psychology
  5. Commercial communication



  • Management skills
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Simulator


Final Project

Requirements of the Master in Commercial Sales Management

The main aim of our admissions process is to ensure that the candidates are ideal for the course. All the students must be able to take the maximum value out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop lasting connections with fellow students, teachers and the alumni.

These are the stages of the admissions process:

1. Prerequisites for admission

2. Application

3. Personal interview

4. Cover letter

5. Admissions Committee Evaluations

6. Enrolment


Master’s Degree in Strategic Sales Management 

The people who pass the programme evaluation and comply with the academic requirements, established by the University of Barcelona (UB), will receive a UB qualification.

In order to obtain a UB qualification, you need to have a University Degree (Engineer’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree for four years or Bachelor’s Degree for three years). If you do not have a University Degree, once you have passed the different evaluations you will receive an extension diploma from UB.

Lecturers of Commercial Sales Management

In OBS Business School, our lecturers guarantees you a learning experience that mixes the real knowledge with the academic rigour. All teachers of the Commercial Sales Management are active professionals in noted companies and institutions, national and international, with a wide career in training activities and prestigious international companies.

The contrasted experience of our managers in the design of the programmes and the personalised dedication of our teachers during the course are the guarantee which gives the practical value, demanded by companies nowadays, to your degree.

  • Business Development Manager en Industrias Beter S.A.
  • Ha ocupado cargos de: Export Manager en Procesos Cosmeticos S.A. y Inoxcrom, Dirección de Ventas en Medisana Healthcare S.L., Analista de mercado en la oficina de comercio del consulado Español en Istambul
  • Licenciada en Filosofía por la Universitat de Barcelona
  • Máster en International Business por la Cambra de comercio de Terrassa


Gemma Segura

  • Consultant, trainer and coach
  • Mindfulness Trainer
  • Member of the Executive Board of the Relational Institute Master in Marketing and Communication Management (UOC)
  • Master in Organizational Development and Change Management
  • Institute for Organizational Development GR (Israel)
  • Degree in Humanities (UOC).

Yury Ustrov

  • Director de Marketing de Devinssi
  • Doctor Cum Laude en Economia y Empresa. Universitat Rovira i Virgili.
  • Máster en Dirección i Planificació del Turisme. Universitat Rovira i Virgili.
  • Licenciado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas. Universitat Pública Politècnica de Sant Petersburg.

María Martínez

  • Investigadora Social
  • Licenciada en Sociología
  • Máster en Políticas Públicas y Género
  • Doctorado en Economía y Empresa.

Jorge Tuñón

  • Managing Partner at Ephemeral Life
  • EMBA by ESIC: Business and Marketing School
  • Degree of Business Management and Marketin, by ESIC: Business and Marketing School

Pablo Perlado

  • Business Partner en Dico Educació
  • Ha ocupado cargos de: Director adjunto en Anota, Director de Marketing en Leo, Brand Manager en Esteve
  • Licenciado en Farmacia por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Máster en Dirección de Empresas Farmacéuticas por el Instituto de Empresa
  • Diploma en Marketing Online Management por EADA

Jordi Andreu Corbatón

  • Doctor en Estudios Empresariales por la Universitat de Barcelona
  • Profesor de Finanzas en la Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Director Financiero y Estratégico de Waitless Company
  • Anteriormente: vocal consejo de administración en Catalunya Caixa

Javier Fernández Santín

  • Sourcing and Talent Manger en Danone
  • Licenciado en Psicología por la Universitat de Barcelona
  • Máster en Recursos Humanos por IDEC Pompeu Fabra Business School

Josep Mancebo

  • Sales Manager for sales and Marketing en Danone
  • HRBP for Sales and Marketing en Unilever (anteriormente)
  • Licenciado en Psicología por la Universitat de Barcelona
  • Licenciado en Veterinaria por la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Sergio Aparicio Valero

  • Business Development & Strategy at TVS scs
  • Degree in Economic Sciences and Business

Nacho Somalo

  • Founder at Lonesome Digital
  • European Market President at
  • Executive MBA from IE
  • PhD in Applied Economics e-Commerce from Rey Juan Carlos University
  • Graduated in General Economics from Complutense University of Madrid
  • Dedication60 ETCS
  • InitiationMay 2019
  • Term10 months
  • Price6.500 €
  • MethodologyOnline
  • LanguageSpanish