Benefits and Services

Benefits and Services


Alumni provides five major service areas to its members with the aim of comprehensively satisfying the academic and professional interests of our students and former students:

Professional development

  • Employment opportunities: our own job listing service that features 4,500 job and apprenticeship offers each year.
  • Lidera-T 360º: program for the self-assessment of professional skills, made up of seven online sessions. It also includes a personalised supervision service.
  • Executive Mentoring: training workshop on mentoring services aimed at executive profiles so that they can become mentors to other members of the community.
  • Assessment: professional advice interviews for new career challenges, provided and coordinated by the School’s professional careers department.
  • Alumni Emprende: laboratory designated for entrepreneurial former students who are looking to start their own business. It includes: Talks for Entrepreneurs, two intensive workshops focusing on how to create a sustainable company, an on-demand legal service that will provide legal advice free of charge, and a pitch day with investors.



  • Focused Programmes: update courses aimed at the professional sector that are divided into six knowledge areas: Management, Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Innovation and Sectorial.
  • Webconferences: monthly conferences about new trends and innovations streamed live online.



  • Membership of the Biblioteca Digital, the largest bibliographic archive of management books in Spanish, and access to the OBS specialised blogs.
  • Access to the latest research reports from OBS.
  • Harvard Deusto Business Research magazine.



  • Talent Alumni Review magazine: biannual publication of academic and professional interest for the community of current and former students.
  • Alumni directory and instant message service exclusive to members.



  • Advantages club offering discounts and promotions on over 1,600 products and services from top brands in the categories of food, home, leisure, health, beauty, travel and technology.