Degree certificate

Degree certificate


At OBS School we offer postgraduate training through the following qualifications:

  • Master's degree programmes for 60 ECTS credits.
  • MBA programmes for 60 ECTS credits (Executive MBA and Global MBA).


Certification obtained after completing the course

Students who pass the programme evaluation and comply with the established requirements will receive university degree certification from OBS Business School, as well as the certification issued by the University of Barcelona.

In order to obtain a certificate from the University of Barcelona, it is required that the student has a University Degree, Engineer’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree over four years or Bachelor’s Degree over three years. If they do not have such a degree, once they have passed all the evaluations they will receive an extension diploma from UB.


What does it mean to obtain a university’s own degree?

A university’s own degree is an academic certification issued and recognised by the educational institution that issues it, in this case OBS Business School, after successfully completing any proprietary study programme offered by the institution. This term is usually used to refer to a university specialisation, such as a master’s or a postgraduate degree.