Business orientation

Business orientation


OBS Business School collaborates with over a thousand companies from a variety of sectors, and many of them have strengthened their collaborations through the “Collaborating Companies and Entities” agreement.

This relationship between OBS and the very fabric of business allows us to continuously update our academic programmes to ensure that they will respond to the diverse needs of corporations. OBS collaborates with companies on multiple levels:


  • Recruitment as a differentiating value: the companies that partner with OBS Business Schools rely on our participants to become the leaders of their companies throughout the world. To this end we provide personalised advice to our former students for all aspects of their professional lives.
  • Networking: at OBS we encourage direct interaction between companies and the participants of our programmes through exchange spaces such as talks, symposia, conferences and forums with the motto “sharing experiences”.
  • Academic Collaboration for the creation and development of academic business cases: exchange of directors as speakers, moderators or members of the OBS faculty; in addition to the creation of spaces for research, development and exchange of knowledge between companies and OBS Business School channelled through the participation of Advisory Boards from various fields in workshops, talks, executive meetings…



If you are a company and are interested in offering an executive position or are searching for a candidate, you can manage it through our Employment Portal.

To do this, you will have to sign up on the system by providing the required details on the registration form. You will then be able to publish your offer in the relevant area.  From then on, when you wish to access the Career Services you will only need to fill out the form to publish the offer in the relevant area.