Academic Partners

Academic Partners


The principal academic partner of OBS Business School is the University of Barcelona. This university, which has over 560 years of history, is the main public university in both Catalonia and Spain. It combines traditional values with being an innovative and excellent teaching institution that is known for being as urban, open and cosmopolitan as the city of Barcelona itself.

The University of Barcelona is the largest academic institution in terms of number of students, offering a wide range of programmes from first and second cycle degrees, to independent and postgraduate studies, master's and doctorates. Furthermore, it is the main university research centre in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, both due to the number of research programmes and the excellent quality achieved in this field.

The University of Barcelona has made significant contributions to the democratisation of the knowledge of several generations of citizens of Catalonia and the rest of Spain. Its classrooms also welcome a large selection of students from all over the world who wish to complete their training.

Proud of its tradition, the University of Barcelona has a broad representation from Spanish civil society among its former students. In the contemporary knowledge society in which we are immersed, the mission of a public institution of higher education such as the University of Barcelona must be to train the human capital that any advanced democratic society requires. This is the ambition of all who are part of the university community, a university steeped in history that is also at the forefront of education in the 21st century.


What are the advantages of being part of the University of Barcelona?

The programmes offered by the OBS Business School are supported academically by the University of Barcelona. Thus, all students who pass the programme earn the corresponding degree from the University of Barcelona.

  • Digital Repository of the University of Barcelona

You can access the Digital Repository of the University of Barcelona which contains open access digital publications derived from the teaching, research and faculty activity of lecturers, students and alumni.

  • Solidarity

Over 200 people from our university community work in various solidarity projects, initiatives and actions. The University of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation promotes solidarity values from the University and encourages social cooperation, volunteering, actions in defence of peace, human rights and cooperation for sustainable development. Similarly, the Foundation ensures the participation of the University in international cooperation, with the aim of offering cooperating agents the potential provided by the courses at the University.

  • Access to Language Services at the University of Barcelona

Language Services (LS) promotes the teaching of the Catalan language and offers multilingual language advice for the academic, technical and administrative activities of the university community.