Master’s degree in Marketing and Commercial Management

Web-based international business simulator. The simulation involves running the marketing division and battling with the fundamentals of marketing. It also allows for the interaction of product, price, distribution, promotion, budgets and financial results.

Students are given control over a simulated business, the operations of which they need to manage through various decision-making cycles; they also need to analyse the situation in order to plan a marketing strategy which they will execute later on.

Students will face uncertainties that stem from the external environment and their own decisions. Furthermore, they will learn to skilfully adjust their strategy as they gradually discover the nature of their decisions in the real world, through including the available options, links with other sections of the company, conflicts, compensations and potential outcomes.

Lecturer: Luis Toro



Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

A Logistics Strategy simulator which, using a game format, enhances the students’ management, analytical and decision-making skills.

This simulator combines analytical work with group decisions. Student learning is based on the study of documentation, searching for resources on the internet, performing exercises and participating in discussions. The aim is for the groups to make logistical decisions that will allow them to achieve the best results.  

Lecturer: Jaume Mussons



Master’s degree in Project Management

The SimulTrain® tool simulates calls, emails and voice messages to create a realistic project environment and simulate the drafting of monitoring reports for Management.

Students will face a variety of project management simulation sessions, which will involve planning and executing a medium-sized project.

Lecturer: Marisa Andrea Lostumbo



Master’s degree in Market Research and Customer Analysis

This simulation provides the perfect scenario for developing decision-making skills related to segmentation and positioning strategies, the allocation of resources for different brands, integrated marketing communications and the multiple intermediary channels.

Students will learn how to motivate consumers and the channel’s partners and measure their progress through market research.

Lecturer: Luis Toro


Virtual Enterprise

Master’s degree in Production Management

This simulator is an app designed for teaching purposes, which intends to show the variables that are involved in the management of a company, as well as their impact on results.

This application provides an overview of the structure of a company and its evolution is determined by the user’s intervention, among other factors. Using this app therefore involves putting into practice, among other things, the following concepts:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Asset management
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Production planning
  • Results analysis

Lecturer: Jaume Mussons