The connection between OBS and our students is achieved through a network made up of teachers, experts, business people and entrepreneurs who are ambitious and hands-on professionals that are heavily involved with the business and social environment in which they develop their careers.

In this network of collaborative learning, the value that OBS Business School provides to its students is that they stay connected to their most relevant professional environment. Studying at OBS means staying updated on success stories and the most innovative professional practices that relate to your areas of interest.

Moreover, our students take part in discussions led by active professionals who select the sources, reflect with us and, ultimately, help us to put them into practice.


Services of OBS Business School: OBS Experience

One of the main objectives of OBS Business School is to ensure the development of our student’s, not only in an academic context, but also in other aspects that make the learning experience as rewarding as possible. For this reason, at OBS we provide the following services to students.


Online events

  • Entrepreneurs Series

A programme of 10 sessions that deals with the aspects of entrepreneurship that are relevant to a startup, such as the self-motivation required to be an entrepreneur, internal and external circumstances that need to be taken into consideration, the creation of an idea and the importance of the team to its success, the definition of the business model and its visualisation, among others.

  • Web Conferences

Live streaming of online conferences via YouTube on a monthly basis. The objective of these Web Conferences is to expose students to the experience and knowledge of professionals and experts on subjects related to new trends, technology news, new business models and, finally, innovation within contemporary Management.

To achieve this, each month OBS welcomes experts, professionals and managers from all areas of the Human Resources sector.


OBS Business School Employment Portal

The Employment Portal is used as a meeting point between students, former students, business partners and other business groups interested in professionals trained at the School. The activity of the Professional Careers Service is contained within the Portal, which is focused on three areas:

  • Advice services. To guide and develop the professional careers of students and former students of OBS.
  • Contact with companies. To provide students with access to recruiting companies through corporate presentations, the Online Employment Forum, participation in Graduate Programmes and other professional activities.
  • Tools for employment searching. OBS Business School provides both the employment office and the online directory of recruiting companies to all students, for the purpose of assisting our students with their search for a first job or professional improvement.


Online Employment Forum

Held annually, at the Online Employment Forum multinationals from various sectors offer OBS students the best positions available, both in Spain and the rest of the world.

At the last forum, during 7 days full of employment opportunities, 28 national and multinational companies were awaiting the best OBS students. Among them, there were multinationals such as Accenture, Adecco, Banco Mediolanum, Beiersdorf, Carrefour Property, Decathlon, Dell, Deloitte, Desigual, EY, Grupo Planeta, Leroy Merlín, Grupo Meliá, MSD, Nestlé, Novartis, Philip Morris International and Samsung, and many others. In addition, we also had the pleasure of hosting companies that focus on the Latin American professional market, such as Union Andina and Voyer Internacional.


Onsite events

To continue providing better tools for professional development, at OBS we also organise a series of onsite events in different countries to create opportunities for networking and to share knowledge and experience with colleagues and students.

In 2015, we held several events such as the Optimistic Leadership Workshop in Bogota, aimed at students and former students of the School, and also several OBS Course Openings that were held in different countries and also broadcast online. In addition, in February this year we held the annual meeting of the faculty, which attracted more than 100 attendees.

Moreover, last July the Graduation for OBS Business School students from the 2014-2015 academic year was held, an opportunity to meet and personally congratulate students who could attend and also remember those who could not; even though we have graduates from all over the world, students from up to 26 different countries attended.


Management Digital Library

Students at OBS have access to the Management Digital Library, with over 13,000 volumes and subscriptions to magazines such as Times.